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I Can Do It! Tampa 2009
I Can Do It! Tampa, Florida - November 19-22, 2009
the mind | body | soul retreat

The Spark: The Secret Formula for Losing Weight, Getting Fit,
and Transforming Your Life

Sunday, November 22, 2009 | 2:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m.

In his upcoming book, The Spark, and in this session, Chris Downie condenses the best of a medically accepted, common sense nutrition and fitness program and infuses it with the SparkPeople magic in order to make it accessible, profound, and far-reaching in its scope and effectiveness. The core of the workshop and the underlying philosophy of the SparkPeople lifestyle is an innovative program of personal empowerment. It includes 4 cornerstones that make up the building blocks of living a “sparked” life:

• Focus is the ability to set priorities, live a life according to your values, and become clear about your vision and goals.
• Fitness is a physical and mental springboard that provides you the energy to reach your goals and trains you to think on your feet.
• Fire is the passion that is created by your actions and momentum. When you live with Fire, you see possibilities, not problems.
• Positive Force is what happens when you share your energy and success with others. The more you give, the more you get in return.

Another component, the 4-stage Spark Diet, is a customizable, step-by-step journey that offers the tools, confidence, and motivation to jump from simple dieting to a healthy way of life, allowing you to reach not only your weight loss goals but much more. SparkPeople.com was created by Chris Downie to help millions of people live healthier lives and reach their goals. Attend his workshop to learn more! Click here for details or to register for Chris' Sunday workshop.

Hurry! Preferred seating has sold out and general seating is going fast!

SparkPeople members: Receive a Sunday Only pass for $100—save $45!
Use Priority Code #2731. Offer expires November 13, 2009.

Conference Details

Be enlightened! The I Can Do It! conference is all about helping you improve the quality of your life through self-empowerment in an environment radiating with love, happiness, and spiritual immersion. How can you achieve that?

We want to make it easier for you to see your favorite authors, so we’re presenting the I Can Do It! Tampa 2009 conference (November 19–22, 2009) at a reduced price! Take this opportunity to learn from some of the biggest names in the industry. Come for the day, the evening, or the entire weekend. The Tampa Convention Center is conveniently located right on the harbor in downtown Tampa within walking distance of everything you need! This is an inspiring event that you won’t want to miss! After each session, speakers will be available to meet fans and autograph books.

Learn from the masters. You’ll get the opportunity to see the internationally renowned author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; world-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne; noted spiritual teacher and intuitive Caroline Myss; the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life Louise L. Hay; renowned psychics John Holland and Lisa Williams; authors Gregg Braden; Sonia Choquette; Dr. Bruce Lipton; Dr. Brian L. Weiss; Byron Katie; Sandra Anne Taylor; Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.; Cheryl Richardson; Marcelle Pick; Neil Einbund, Ph.D.; Robert Ohotto; Peggy McColl; Lauren Mackler; Denise Linn; David Kessler; Marilyn Kagan, LCSW; Eldon Taylor; James F. Twyman; Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.; Jean Haner; Chris “SparkGuy” Downie; Barbara Carrellas; Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.; Colette Baron-Reid; Marianne Williamson; Caroline Sutherland; Thomas Moore; and Loretta LaRoche.

Special guest appearance by Louise L. Hay. From health, nutrition, and wellness to psychics and dream interpretation, the I Can Do It! Tampa conference will energize your mind, body and spirit.

CLICK HERE for complete details and to register online.
The I Can Do It! conference events are held at the Tampa Convention Center
from November 19–22, 2009. Seats are going fast!

SparkPeople members: Receive a Sunday Only pass for $100—save $45!
Use Priority Code #2731. Offer expires November 13, 2009.

I Can Do It! Tampa, Florida - November 19-22, 2009

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